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About The Trips Guide

Welcome to The Trips Guide!

This fantastic travel guide blog, where we delve into thrilling trips of various kinds—whether they're close by or in far-flung locales. It's all about the joy of experiencing diverse cultures, savoring the global tapestry through delicious bites and sips, and always dreaming about the next exciting destination.

Get ready for a guide that weaves together the excitement of exploration with a dash of adventure!

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Who we are


We're the travel enthusiasts behind this awesome trips guide blog – a bunch of folks who just can't get enough of exploring the world.

We used to be launch websites, but let's face it, being travel writers is way more exciting, don't you agree?

Our wanderlust started way back when we were youngsters.

George has his roots in Romania and grew up in Germany, while Janice hails from England and had her upbringing down under in Australia.

Fate brought us together in UNITED STATES, Washington, and since then, we've been on a non-stop adventure, discovering incredible places and sharing our experiences with fellow travel lovers like you.

Our gig as travel writers started with us penning stories for top-notch publications like USA Today, Globe and Mail, Toronto Star, South China Morning Post, Islands, Vancouver Sun, TravelAge West, and AAA Carolinas GO.

Traveling with Purpose

Washington D.C., USA: Martin Luther King quote inscription on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial on The National Mall. “I Have a Dream”

We're not just out for a good time, you know :-).

We aim to guide your trips responsibly. Whenever possible, we highlight destinations, accommodations, excursions, and adventures that contribute positively to our world.

Moreover, we're keen on giving back. Each year, a chunk of what we earn from our travel guide writing and blogging goes towards supporting the incredible work of Doctors Without Borders.

We Keeping It Real

We're just keeping it real in our travel guide blog. Everything you read reflects our personal views and honest opinions.

We spill the idea on the highlights and aren't shy about sharing the not-so-great stuff.

Our approach aligns with the ethical standards of professional travel writers as laid out by SATW, TMAC, and NATJA.

So, when we dish out our thoughts, know that it's straight from the heart.

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